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Grow Lights

What to consider when buying grow lights

  1. Light Fixture- Air cooled hoods are the best to remove heat!
  2. Light Wattage – 600 Watts is the ideal because it gives you the best price per watt. See here
  3. Light Bulbs – (HPS and MH) or LED! (Highly Depends on your budget)
  4. Timer- 7 day adjustable with a screen is best for less headache.
  5. Hangers – Adjustable to move the light up and down !
  6. Light Ballast – Which can accommodate different light wattages if you decide to change light wattages.

This is all found in grow light kits which saves you money and time by buying 1 kit instead of six different items.

Highly Recommended Grow Light Kit (600 watt)

  1. Light Fixture- Air cooled hood which removes heat ! Great for temperature control!
  2. Light Wattage – 600 Watts giving you the best price per watt. See here
  3. Light Bulbs – Contains BOTH! (HPS and MH)
  4. Timer- Has a 7 day adjustable timer with a screen!
  5. Hangers – Really easy to adjust!
  6. Light Ballast – Adjusts for different light wattages.

Grow Light Terminology


When purchasing bulbs they can come in 400, 600, 750 and 1000 watts. Basically the wattage measures the actual amount of energy is required to light the bulb. Each bulb should be paired with the correct ballast that either accommodates a bulb of a certain wattage or multiple different wattages. DO NOT use a 600 watt bulb with a ballast that accommodates ONLY 1000 watt bulbs. However if the ballast accommodates 600 and 1000 watt bulbs then you can use either bulb but adjust the ballast accordingly. Also keep in mind the amount of electricity that will be used for the watt bulb you are using.


Then each light has a different amount of lumens, the amount of visible light you can see. Basically lumens measure the amount of light produced. Thus the higher it is the better the bulb is considered to be.

  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)

This light promotes photosynthesis in a plant and is partially visible to the human eye. Basically when you purchase the grow light there is a colorful picture on the side that shows the PAR of the light.

Additional Light Accessories

  • Fan

    To remove hot air that builds up in the grow tent you must have a fan. Having a fan is extremely crucial when you have grow lights on for 18 hours a day. Trust me it will get really hot in your grow tent and because of this your plants can suffer. Recommended fan here.

What to consider when buying a Grow Tent Fan

  1. Size – If you have a big fan it will take up your grow space. Less Space = Less Bud
  2. Electricity Usage– Will it save you money on your electricity bill?  Find out here
  3. Warranty – You should have this if anything happens to your fan.
  4. Noise Level – For your sanity or nosey neighbors you need something almost close to quiet.
  5. Speed Controller – To regulate your grow room temperature.
  6. Weight- You don’t want it too be heavy and fall on your plants.

Highly Recommended Fan – Hyper Fan

  1. Size – Very small compared to other fans. I recommended the 6″ for a small growing space and am 8″ for a larger growing space.
  2. Electricity Usage– Expensive at first but pays for itself in the future. See here
  3. Warranty – 5 year warranty if anything happens to your fan!
  4. Noise Level –  WAY QUIETER than other fans and wont make your neighbors suspicious.
  5. Speed Controller – Comes with the fan so nothing extra has to be purchased!
  6. Weight- Extremely light less than 4 pounds.
  • Muffler

    A Muffler is not necessary however it will make your fan even quieter if you decided to buy a different fan from the recommended one. The fan must work when the grow lights are working! This is crucial so the hot air doesn’t build up in your light and cause it to explode. Believe it or not your grow light can explode if it gets too hot, that is why its recommended to have a cooling tube for a hood and a fan. Recommended muffler here.

What to consider when buying a muffler

  1. Length- Should be twice the length of your fan or even longer to reduce noise.
  2. Weight-  Should be light because it will be hanging next to your fan.
  3. Noise Reduction – This can be measured using an app on your phone or using your own ears.
  4. Price – This really shouldn’t cost more than your fan.
  5. Type of end- Should be easy to attach ducting too !

Highly Recommended Muffler

  1. Length- Twice the length of the HyperFan!
  2. Weight-  Less than 7 pounds! (Twice the weight of the HyperFan)
  3. Noise Reduction – Has an egg crate lining which reduces noise level by 25%
  4. Price – Costs half the price of the HyperFan!
  5. Type of end- Allows easy ducting attachments and hanging!
  • Ducting

    This is necessary to connect your fan to your cool tube because it will remove the hot air faster! Also you will be 100% certain that the hot air is being removed instead of building up.  Regular ducting is needed and recommended here.

What to consider when buying ducting

  1. Length- Must be enough to connect your fan—> muffler—> light—> carbon filter.
  2. Fire Resistant – You don’t want a fire to happen if your fan stops removing the heat.
  3. Temperature Range – Must accommodate MH bulb (100 – 200 F) and HPS bulb (150-200 F)
  4. Connection- Should include clamps for easy connection. *Caution: duct tape can cause fire*

Highly Recommended Ducting


  1. Length- 25 feet great for a small grow tent ! Will connect  fan—> muffler—> light—> carbon filter.
  2. Fire Resistant – Has a Fire-Resisant coating and corrosion resistant wire.
  3. Temperature Range – Accommodates temperatures higher than 185 F
  4. Connection- Comes with only 2 clamps however depending on what your connecting it to you should buy more because duct tape can cause fires.


  • Carbon Filters

    Carbon Filters are recommended to remove the smell in your tent, unfortunately they do not remove the smell if you are growing some serious strains. However it is recommended to connect the end of the ducting to a small carbon filter so it doesn’t accidentally get stuck to the grow tent or even plant. Recommended carbon filter.

What to consider when buying Carbon Filter

  1. Size – The smaller the better because it will take up space. Less Space = Less Buds
  2. Weight- If you hang it up make sure its secure so it doesn’t crush your plants.
  3. Velcro – Should have a velcro cover that can be changed
  4. Charcoal Expiration – Should last over a year because this is what eliminates oder

Highly Recommended Carbon Filter

  1. Size – Thinner than other carbon filters.
  2. Weight- Should be placed on the floor since it is around 8 pounds.
  3. Velcro – Has a velcro cover but does not come with extra.
  4. Charcoal Expiration – Lasts a year and a half.